An Old Beverlonian in Dorset

Because I’m based in Dorset and copywriting is what I do, I use the name, “The Dorset Copywriter.” It’s not because I need an alias, I’m not on the run; not yet anyway! No it’s simply a trading name I use within the local area. It gets a bit meaningless anywhere else.

Though I use that nom de plume (see, you get culture here too!) I am not a Dorset man. Like a great many other inhabitants of this fair county I’m an in-comer. Well, it’s a nice part of the country and the climate’s probably as good as you’ll get in England.

My origins are in God’s larger “own county,” Yorkshire. The East Riding in fact. I was born and grew up in the lovely old town of Beverley, the County Town of the Riding in those days, long before anyone had ever heard the name, “Humberside.” Many were the happy hours my pals and I spent playing on the Westwood during school holidays and weekends. We used to disappear all day and get home in time for tea. I suppose you couldn’t let kids do that now.

Anyway by some miracle I passed the old 11 Plus or “Scholarship,” as we called it then, and went to the world famous (so we were told) Beverley Grammar School. It was there that I discovered I had a bit of a flair for writing and English generally. I have to give credit there to our English Master, Mr Barrett. Sadly, the only other subject I did well in was French.

Nothing was further from my mind at that time than any thoughts of being a freelance copywriter. I did have a burning ambition to join the RAF and become a pilot. However my lack of mathematical aptitude convinced the RAF that it could better manage the air defence of the nation without my help. National Service had just been scrapped and after three years as a student psychiatric nurse, I eventually became a policeman in Derbyshire. Copywriting was still a long way in the future.

More on that soon: Watch this space!