Website Content Writing

Website content writing is more than just copywriting as it’s often necessary to not only consider the target audience and the objectives of the business and web page you are writing for, but also to take into account search engine behaviour.

Search engines, like Google, take into account keyword content, density, proximity and relevancy when deciding where websites and their pages should be listed in the search results for any given keyword or phrase. As a website content writer it my job to agree with the customer what keywords and phrases they want their page to include, and then try to incorporate them into the article where they will have maximum benefit for the search engines while still being readable for the audience.

Done badly this can become an obvious case of “keyword stuffing” resulting in poor readability for the user and demotion in the search results by the search engines. However, when website content writing is done properly it will not only lead more visitors to your site in the first place, but will help to convert them into paying customers once they get there!

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