Press Releases

Looking for a press release copywriter? Look no further.

Press release copywriting is one of my most sought after services so if you have something newsworthy I’ll turn it into a press release for you so you can send it out to your local paper, industry rag or even a nationwide tabloid.

I’m often asked how long press articles should be. Generally I aim for one to one and a half pages of A4 sized paper with double line spacing, which is the correct formatting when writing a press release. Of course they can be shorter or longer subject to the topic being covered and how newsworthy it is.

So whether it’s a change of location for your business, a new product launch or a collaboration with your local community why not try and reap the benefits of media and get the news out there. Furthermore, I can adapt your new or existing press releases into website articles, tailoring keyword content appropriately so you can share the news with your web users too!

NB I do not offer press release distribution services.