Copywriting For Social Media

Like it or loathe it social media is here to stay.

Consumers no longer choose a product or service based on traditional advertising. Nor are they always going to the web to read reviews and product specifications, although this is still common. Many people are now influenced and guided by social media trends and postings about a given product or service. Increasingly, consumers will actively seek the opinion of their social network by posting, blogging or tweeting a specific request for opinions and information.

The more forward thinking businesses are now recognising this and adapting their marketing campaigns to not only incorporate social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name a few, but to establish an active presence where they can convey their brand personality, promote services and products, and generally raise brand awareness.

We don’t recommend recruiting a copywriter to write every single post or tweet you wish your business to makeĀ as this could end up being somewhat costly, although some larger companies do exactly that. However, for longer pieces of copy such as blog entries, reviews and the all important business biography, it’s certainly worthwhile investing in a professional as these pieces shape the overall impression of your business.

A social media copywriter will recognise the nuances of varying target markets depending on the social media platform being written for at any given time. They will also know the importance of blending these platform specific styles with a consistent message and personality that adheres to your brand guidelines.

If you need the help of a wordsmith with your social media campaign, or lack the time yourself to write blogs or perhaps just need some help getting started with a company bio, then give me a call or drop me an email. I’ll be happy to help.