Blog Writing Services

Having a blog, either as part of a larger website, or as the main framework of a website (e.g. WordPress websites) is becoming more and more popular.

Why is this?

Well simply put, if it’s done properly it’s better for the end user experience and it’s better for search engine positioning.

Users need a reason to come back to the same website time and time again. Informative, educated and sometimes entertaining articles of interest and relevancy to  the main theme of the website provide such a reason.

Search engines see regular well written and relevant articles as a sign that a website is cared for, looked after and regularly updated. They in turn recognise that this is better for the end user for the reasons given above and so give it a little preference within the vastly long and complicated algorithms that determine where websites rank in their search results.

But not everyone has time to write a blog article, least of all to do so on a regular basis. This is where a seasoned and experienced website copywriter can help. Personally I love writing blog articles as they tend to be of short to medium length (400 to 800 words ideally) and cover a variety of topics.

Not only will I create a well written article of interest and relevancy, I will also tailor it to contain the keywords you wish to target within the search engines, ensuring not only their inclusion but that they appear appropriately within the article so that the search engines look favourably upon them without the words appearing out of place to the user. Now that’s a skill worth paying for!