The services I offer as a freelance copywriter are not restricted to writing articles for print. These days much of our communication is done in the digital world, via email, digital mailing campaigns, social media and websites. I can help with that too. In fact, these days that comprises the bulk of my work.

Have you written some material yourself, but you’re not 100% confident about your English or presentation?  Having it checked and reviewed by a professional copywriter can save time, money and avoid missed opportunities. Or do you simply need an older article rewritten, or website content freshened up? In either case, you need look no further!

I am also happy to work in consultation with you or as part of a larger marketing or communication team to help you develop your communication strategy.

For smaller businesses who do not have access to those kinds of resources I can put you in touch with other professionals who can help you with all aspects of your business, including marketing consultants, designers, website developers and IT and telecoms specialists.

To find out more about each of these services please read on, or if you already feel that Write for You can help, please get in touch

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It’s all about communication and in business there is plenty of that. My job is to make sure that the right message is heard by the right people cost effectively. The following are some examples of areas where I can help you with copy:

  • Website content, e.g. web pages, news items, blogs
  • Newsletters (printed, online or email campaigns)
  • Press releases
  • Promotional materials, e.g. brochures, leaflets, flyers
  • Documentation, e.g. manuals, instructions, guides
  • Direct marketing and advertising content
  • Personal, e.g. CVs, application letters, correspondence
  • Any kind of written marketing material

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Web Content Writer

Web content writing is a little different to normal copy writing  and again emphasises the need to use someone who has some experience in this area. On the web you are not just writing for a human audience but also for the search engines like Google.

To ensure a web page is found by the right people when searching on Google it’s necessary to include relevant keywords and take into consideration the frequency, prominence and proximity of those keywords. While doing this you also have to make sure the article remains readable and attractive to a genuine user. That’s a careful balancing act that requires the experience of a professional freelance web content writer.

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Social Media

Employers, suppliers, customers, creditors, employees, banks and all the other people we deal with in day to day business will now often form an impression of us, either individually or as businesses, based on our social media presence.

Using a professional copywriter to create and/or preview your posts and blog articles can help to ensure that the impression you’re giving is the one you want.

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Proofing & Editing

We all make mistakes and getting a professional wordsmith to check over your work before publication can avoid those mistakes, causing your business embarrassment or, worse still, lost business.

However, proofing isn’t just about correcting the odd spelling mistake or grammatical error. If you tell me what the objectives of your written piece is I can edit to ensure that the piece flows and peaks in the right places, to give the right emphasis at the right times. Furthermore, if it’s a piece for the web I can make sure that your target keywords are not only included but appear in the best places with the right frequency, prominence and proximity to ensure the search engines sit up and take notice as much as your users.

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Strategy & Consultancy

Sometimes it’s necessary to look at the wider picture, and I will gladly work alongside art directors, advertising executives, marketing consultants and web designers to ensure all your marketing campaigns are integrated and that you are delivering a single clear message to your existing, new and potential customers.

Including a really good copywriter on your creative team can add a whole new dimension to the early creative process, saving time and money later in rewrites and editing. You can find one by ringing 01202 386571 or emailing


Resource Partnerships

For a number of years now I have been lucky enough to work alongside some great businesses, most of whom specialise in service provision for SMEs. So, if your business does not have in-house resources to support your other marketing and communication needs just let me know and I may well be able to recommend someone who can help. Some of these partnerships include:

  • Graphic design
  • Website hosting, design, development, maintenance and SEO
  • Printing
  • Marketing consultancy
  • IT support, from PC repair to network infrastructure and remote support
  • Telecoms and broadband provisioning and servicing

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