The Quiet Times

The Quiet Times

This year has been awfully quiet on the work front so far, but even so there has been a bit of variety. I’ve re-written, at very short notice, a couple of items which had been translated from French into a sort of English, a label for a product bottle and a paragraph relating to the same product. My customer is herself Italian so English is not her first language.

Another customer, who hails from France, engaged my services twice to proof read and amend a business plan and later publicity material for a new café specialising in French cuisine but entirely gluten-free. Both these lovely people were kind enough to express their delight at what I produced for them.

In the meantime, I’ve spent some time blog writing for clients. Each month I’ve written a blog about private detectives and the services they provide. Another customer has me writing a blog relating to his passion for rock climbing, an activity he teaches in his outdoor adventure school. However that is on a more occasional basis.

It’s funny how things change in my world. I used to be mainly a website content author, now I seem to be primarily a blog writer. It’s an old saying that variety is the spice of life so I can’t complain. I could do with some larger jobs though, such as website content which tends to involve more time, which in turn means I earn more!

I have taken advantage of this quiet summer to do a bit of flying. In August I went and spent a few days aviating around the skies of East Yorkshire from the Hull Aero Club, in what has become my favourite aeroplane, a Cessna 152 G-BIDH if anyone’s interested, hired from the club. It’s almost 300 miles from home but it’s worth the drive up there for both the flying and the company. They’re a great bunch of people.

I love flying but I do need work to pay for it! Anyway, I thought I’d use up a bit of time adding to my own blog so this is it. I hope people like it enough to want me to do it for them!