Writing about one’s own business

A little voice in the back of my head kept nagging at me that it was high time I created an About Me page and posted something about myself and my role as a Freelance Copywriter in the UK. Just now I’m waiting for feedback on some copy I sent to a UK client the day before yesterday. I can’t get on with the job until I get it so I’ve no excuse not to do so.

Sitting staring at the blank page it occurred to me yet again how much harder it is to write stuff about oneself compared to writing about other people and their businesses. It’s one of the odd things about being a freelance copywriter; I love writing pieces to tell the world how brilliant some client or other is at what they do and what superb service they provide. It’s just as well I do; after all, it is what being a website content writer is all about! I just hate trying to do the same for myself and my business. Strange is it not?

Well, maybe not so strange. I can’t be the only one who feels uncomfortable blowing my own trumpet as me Mam used to call it! That seems like another good reason why someone should come to me and as a b2b copywriter, I’ll do it for them. I’m never shy about blowing other peoples’ trumpets!

Is your company’s trumpet due to be taken down from its shelf, dusted off and given a good blow to wake everyone up to your presence? If so, you need a b2b copywriter so do get in touch. I’m no musician but I do blow a good metaphorical trumpet, for other people that is!

Well, what do you know? I did end up giving my own instrument a little toot after all, so maybe I will produce an About Me page sooner rather than later. Funny old business this copywriting!