The varied work of a freelance copywriter

Variety really is the spice of life here at the secret headquarters of “Write For You,” where lurks the Freelance Copywriter UK a.k.a. the Dorset copywriter. That’s me by the way. As I sit here in my garret in this dark corner of Dorset, creating words that mean business, I’m also wondering what I’m going to be asked to write about next.

I’ve been doing this for nearly seven years now and every job is different in some way to the one before. Every website for which I’ve been tasked with writing content for has to be significantly different from others, even in the same line of business, simply to keep the search engines from sulking! That can be a challenge at times, which is one reason why I so love writing website content.

Having said that, if I had to choose a favourite type of work it would have to be article writing. There the variety seems to be unlimited. I have written articles about kitchen equipment of all kinds through the ages, Russian porcelain animal figurines, the development of electric toasters and the history of picture postcards.

When I say my work is varied I really do mean varied! Snow chains for car wheels, foundation garments and swimwear for ladies with larger than average bosoms, a seaside pier and adventure holidays in Peru are all subjects I’ve been commissioned to write about.

More often than not I know little about the subject before I start. The research involved fascinates me. Who would have thought that the history of praline chocolates, or that of the game of croquet, would be so interesting? When you delve into the subject of what we in Britain call “Turkish Delight” you enter a whole new world.

Take dogs for example. Now I like all animals including dogs, but I wouldn’t call myself a dog enthusiast and I don’t own one. However I write about them regularly. I’ve learned so much by researching the various kinds of working dogs, past and present. The rescue work done by Newfoundlands and the work of sled dogs in the Arctic are just two examples of what I mean.

A few years ago, if someone had mentioned the name “Mauritania” to me I would have immediately thought only of the famous liner of that name with her four funnels, a predecessor to the original Queen Mary. I had no idea where Cunard had acquired the name from. That is until I was asked to write an article about holidays in Mauritania. It was only then that I learned that it is in fact a country in the northern part of West Africa! OK, maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know that but somehow I doubt it.

In fact, I always assume that if one person, in this case, me, doesn’t know anything about a particular subject, there will be plenty of others who don’t either. There is job satisfaction in spreading my newly acquired knowledge among others who are just as ignorant on the subject as I was!

So, now I know a little bit about a great many things without being an expert in any of them! By earning a living applying my writing skills to so many subjects I’m gaining knowledge at the same time and proving the old adage that you’re never too old to learn!