What is a “Copywriter”?

The word “copywriter” is a word that pretty much means just what it says; i.e. a writer of copy.

From a business perspective it’s most common reference is to a professional who writes content from a promotional or marketing point of view. Sometimes this will be content for a website, a few lines for a leaflet, an article for a magazine or a short and concise press release. It could even be for something less marketing orientated such as several hundred pages for a staff handbook.

To summarise this role, a copywriter’s role is to effectively communicate a message to a target audience using the power of words.

Some copywriters specialise in a particular type of copy writing; direct response copywriters, website content writers and B2B copywriters for example. Some are full time employees of larger businesses with the budget to retain them in-house, while others will work for themselves as freelance copywriters.

Furthermore, there are specialist genre copywriters; e.g. legal, medical, industrial, scientific.

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